Top Ten Book Boyfriends of 2015

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Day Four – Best Book Boyfriends of 2015

This one was a little harder for me to come up with because the book boyfriends had to be from books that were both released in 2015 and read by me in 2015. And I’m really picky about my book boyfriends. So, I couldn’t come up with a full 10. Which is ludicrous, I know. But I read a lot of older books this year, so there just weren’t as many that were both released this year and read by me this year. But here’s what I came up with. Read on for my top book boyfriends of 2015, listed in no particular order. After the last three days of posts, I doubt any of these will come as a big surprise.


Dex – The Game Plan by Kristen Callihan

Come on. You knew this one would right at the top. I loved Dex so hard. Our virginal, tattooed, bearded, gentle giant. Gentle off the football field, anyway. I’ve been wanting Dex’s book since he first showed up in The Hook-Up, and it was just as amazing as I’d hoped it would be. He was as amazing as I’d hoped he would be. Totally beta until he needed to be alpha, he was everything I’d hoped he’d be.

Taking the Heat

Gabe – Taking the Heat by Victoria Dahl

Ah, Gabe. Before the book was even released, I knew I had to read it based on Victoria Dahl referring to him as Cunnilingus Gabe on her Twitter feed. Who wouldn’t immediately preorder that book? Not this girl, that’s for sure. Gabe was dreamy. Funny and smart, a librarian, and despite what’s happening on the cover of this book, he has a fantastic, thick, full beard. Veronica was a virgin, but a well-written one, and Gabe was great about it. He wasn’t swollen with manly pride at the thought of taking her virginity, nor was he scared off. He was patient with her, kind, and very, very instructive. Every girl needs a Gabe for her first time.


Gray – The Friend Zone by Kristen Callihan

Gray. Gray was so sweet to Ivy. (Ivy is the sister of Fi from The Game Plan). He was so determined to do right by her and be her friend. He fought so hard to avoid the attraction that everyone around them could see so plainly. He was hot, sexy, kind, thoughtful, and a world-class dumbass when it came to recognizing how Ivy felt about him. But once he figured it out and they got together, he was in it 100% with no hesitation. He didn’t care who her dad was, or what her dad could to do his burgeoning career. He wanted Ivy, and damn the consequences.


Garrett – The Deal by Elle Kennedy

Garrett was great. He wanted Hannah, but he was willing to wait for her to figure out that she needed to be with him, and not the jerk she thought she had a crush on. He wasn’t going to wait quietly on the sidelines, though. Not Garrett. He was going to show Hannah they belonged together one hot, sweaty encounter at a time. Fortunately for Hannah, she eventually realized how right Garrett was.


Asa – Opening Up by Lauren Dane

Asa is probably the only one on this list I’d consider an alpha. I really like a good beta hero; alphas usually drive me batty. But Asa, man. Asa was the best kind of alpha. He was alpha when he needed to be, but totally there for PJ first and foremost.


Garrett – Garrett by Sawyer Bennett

I didn’t expect to like Garrett nearly as much as I did. Professional athlete, noted womanizer, he was a walking cliche. But… Sawyer Bennett managed to make him so much more than the sum of his parts. He was there for Olivia from the very beginning and he wouldn’t let her push him away, no matter how hard she tried.


Reid – Revved by Sherilee Gray

Reid had me checking out Sherilee Gray’s Pinterest boards, trying to decide which one of the gorgeous pictures she had  posted was the inspiration for Reid. It wasn’t specifically called out, but I had some ideas. He was so sexy. Gorgeous, based on those Pinterest pictures I saw. Smart, too, clearly, since he owns a chain of restoration shops across the country. He was a little too quick to jump to conclusions, and he was definitely a hot-head with a sometimes nasty temper, but he and Rusty fit together.

Bringing Home The Bad Boy

Evan – Bringing Home the Bad Boy by Jessica Lemmon

I’m a sucker for a tortured hero. Throw in some tattoos and and make him an artist, and I’m sunk. And Evan certainly fit the bill. Evan finds himself falling for his late wife’s best friend, and he seems to take on enough guilt for both of them.

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