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Hi, all. I just wanted to let you all know that Rob and I unexpectedly lost our sweet pug, Glen, yesterday, so the blog may be a little quiet for a few days. In addition to falling behind in my reading and posting while everything was happening, I find myself without much drive right now. I have several books I’m in the process of reading, and I’ll get the ARC reviews posted when they’re due, but there will probably be fewer posts than normal while I catch back up and get through this. He had a chronic illness called IMHA (immuno-mediated hemolytic anemia), but it was being managed and no one expected him to develop blood clots in his lungs out of nowhere. So this hit us out of the blue. Rob and I don’t have kids, we just had Glen, so the house is extremely quiet and almost eerie. I’m just glad that Rob, who works in a different state during the week, was able to get home in time. We’ll have to spend this weekend going through Glen’s stuff (because he was very spoiled and had more toys and paraphernalia than your average toddler), so maybe once that’s done, and I’m no longer spending my days seeing his stuff every time I look up, I’ll be in a better place to post. I’m not going anywhere, just taking a few days to get myself together.

Glen 5/8/04 – 9/15/15

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