Review Ratings

five-stars – I loved, loved, loved this book. I’ll recommend it to everyone and will absolutely reread it.

four-stars – This was a great book. Highly recommended.

three-stars – Really good book. Glad I read it; I’ll read more if it’s a series

two-stars – There was probably a pretty big issue in this one for me. Content, editing, etc.

one-star – Well, they can’t all be winners.

DNF – There was something so fundamentally wrong with it I couldn’t finish it.

A note about flame ratings. I state in the categories of each review if a book is anything other than m/f. A flame rating does not indicate the genders or identities of any of the parties involved. It’s strictly to indicate spiciness. Any combination or number of parties involved can have any flame rating. Please don’t tell me that you are upset that something rated one flame was m/m or f/f or anything other than m/f. M/m or f/f or anything else you can think of can be just as fade-to-black or just as spicy as a m/f romance.

five-flames Scorching. The sex is frequent and very explicit. It’s probably not vanilla. There may be more than 2 people involved and they can be any combination of gender/identity.

four-flames There’s a lot of sex. It’s graphic.

three-flames There’s sex. It’s definitely happening and it’s definitely not behind closed doors.

two-flames There’s very little, if any sex. If it’s there, it’s vanilla and it’s definitely between only 2 people.

one-flame Is this even a romance novel? If there’s sex, it’s offscreen.

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