How Much Do I Spend On Books?

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This is a monthly feature for me to track my book spending. I don’t want to call this a budget, because I’m not really limiting the spending. Right now I’m more interested in just tracking how much I’m spending, not so much setting a certain amount to spend. So.. Here’s how I’m going to track it.

Tracking Rules

  • Tracking will be done a monthly basis.
  • Pre-orders will be tracked when the money is taken out of the account. Amazon pre-orders, for example, aren’t actually charged until they’re delivered, so a June release I pre-order in February will count for June, since that’s when Amazon will take the money.
  • I currently have $30.80 in Amazon gift cards and $15.00 in Barnes and Noble gift cards. They’ll count toward the spending, but follow the same rules as above.
  • I only have 2 Audible credits right now, but audiobooks will follow the same rules. The credits will be charged and count monthly, and any additional money I spend on Audible will count. But I won’t count credits used on books since the credits are counted when they hit my account.

So with no further ado, here’s my book tracking for January:

Audiobook Money Spent

A Man of Some Repute by Elizabeth Edmondson $2.09

Hunted by Kevin Hearne 1 credit

Physical Books Money Spent

Great Food Fast by Bob Warden $12.28

Ebooks Money Spent

The Mistake by Elle Kennedy $2.13 (gift card)

Irresistibly Yours by Lauren Layne $1.06 (gift card)

Game for Romance (Four Book Set) $1.06 (gift card)

Sweetened With a Kiss by Lexxi Callahan $0.00

Solving For Nic by Lexxi Callahan $0.00

The Fall of the Red Queen by Lexxi Callahan $1.06 (gift card)

Mycroft Holmes by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar $2.13 (gift card)

Her Secret Lover by Robin Covington $3.20 (gift card)

Level Up by Cathy Yardley $0.00

Pressure Cooker Cookbook by Vanessa Olsen $0.00

Harmony Black by Craig Schaefer $0.00

Pucked by Helena Hunting $1.06 (gift card)

The Hostage Bargain by Annika Martin $0.00

Shadow Sight by E.J. Stevens $0.00

Boiling Point by Tessa Bailey $4.27 (gift card)

Built by Jay Crownover $5.34 (gift card)



Other Money Spent

  • Audible Membership: $16.00


Running Total

  • Audiobooks – $2.09
  • Physical Books – $12.28
  • Ebooks – $21.31 – all on gift cards, so no actual money spent.
  • Other – $16.00
  • January Total: $51.68
  • YTD: $51.68

4 responses to “How Much Do I Spend On Books?

    • smutmatters

      Yeah, that’s all I was really trying to do – track it. I was more curious how much I spend than concerned about it. But I will say that seeing it written down in black and white certainly does give me pause sometimes. 🙂

    • smutmatters

      Thanks! I was really curious how much I was spending because I’ve never really tracked it before. I was really glad to have those gift cards, but I’m also pretty sure that even if I hadn’t had them, I would have bought those books anyway.