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Genres: Contemporary, Sports

Hot on Ice, an ice hockey anthology from some of today’s hottest romance authors, is getting close! It comes out March 21st, and it’s currently only .99! You can get your copy at your favorite online retailer:

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Check out what one of the authors, Nina Malone, had to say about her story in this hot anthology:

What’s not to love about sports romance? Hot guys, sweating with their six-pack abs. The confidence. The swagger. It’s the reason why teenaged girls have crushes on their high school quarterbacks, or the soccer star.

As an athlete, I would spend endless days on the track, surreptitiously staring at my fellow track runners. The guys had a habit of running without their shirts on come late spring. It was very distracting and I developed a love for sports guys way back when.

When I started writing, given my background, I knew I wanted to write romance, and I absolutely loved romance that centering around sports heroes. However, when I first published, I was told sports romances were dead. Thankfully, someone thought that was hogwash.

My very first published novel, was a sports romance. But not the oh-so-familiar football, or even the predictable baseball. Oh no, I went with tennis. Surprisingly, even though it wasn’t the usual sports romance, Game, Set, Match has been my bestseller to date.

Over the last two years, I’ve watched both sports romances come back in fashion. So I was thrilled to finally dust off the sports romances I had shelved way back when because everyone told me no one would buy them. And I was even happier to hear that some friends of mine were putting together a sexy hockey anthology.

Romance readers love a confident hero. And to play at the elite level sports, you have to be confident in your ability. Cocky, Alpha, and a little dominant. What’s not to love. I for one am glad that the sports romances back. My new series The Plate, covers the gamut of sports. Tennis again, because I do love my tennis heroes, football, running, hockey, because somehow everyone is obsessed with hockey right now, and basketball. Hello March madness!

That series includes the book that’s appearing in Hot on Ice as part of the anthology. I can’t wait to release these romances to the world.
Because not only is it about the happily ever after, but it’s about the things that athletes go through, the determination they have, the occasional doubt, and the fear of injury. These are all things that apply across the board. And it’s one of the reasons I love writing sports romances so much.

I can’t wait for you to read Ransom, part of The Player series, and included in the Hot on Ice Anthology. Let’s get your game on.

Get this amazing anthology at your favorite retailer for only .99!

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