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I had another post written and scheduled to go up today, but then I woke up and looked at my phone. My heart sank, my stomach churned, my eyes filled, and all I could think was “Again? We’re doing this shit again?” And I knew that I’d log onto Twitter and Facebook later in the day, and see an outpouring of grief and anger. So much anger. And nothing will change. Because we live in a country being run by people who don’t give a fuck that the people they’re leading are dying by the hundreds and the thousands. They don’t care about what the overwhelming majority of those people want, what they have vocally yelled and screamed and protested themselves hoarse for. They’re too worried about appeasing the small fringe element that keeps them where they are, the rest of us be damned.

And I’m just… I’m just heartbroken. I’m so sorry for the people in Las Vegas and those who lost loved ones because those loved ones decided to go to a fucking concert. I’m so fucking sorry for those who are bewildered and grieving and desperate for someone to care. To finally, finally change make a change other than a tax break for the already rich or trying their damndest to fuck the middle and lower classes out of their health care, and letting programs like CHIP, which literally saves children’s lives, run out of time because they’re busy trying to whip their dicks out.

I’m also really tired. And I’m pissed off. I’m already sick to death of the media framing this guy as a “lone wolf” because his skin is white and not brown. He’s a fucking terrorist. Call him what he is.

There isn’t really a point to this. I just couldn’t let my review go up as planned. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe not. But whatever you need to do for yourself, do it. Spend all day online, sign off for a week, get a massage, sit in your favorite spot and cry – whatever you need to do. I don’t have the answers. Because the tenets our country was built on, the rights we have that are supposed to keep this shit from happening, and keep these motherfuckers out of power, are broken. Even voting isn’t even enough, as we saw in November. No, we need the “right” people (OH, FL, etc) to vote, in the “right” numbers or it doesn’t matter. People are protesting every day, and it doesn’t matter. Nothing is changing. These pieces of shit are still our “leaders” and there’s no end in sight. Well, I guess, technically there’s an end. It will end when we end up in a nuclear war with North Korea because Kim Jong Un calls Donald Trump a doodyhead on Twitter and Trump’s response is nuclear weapons.

Anyway. I don’t have anything else to say. I’m sorry. I’m pissed off. I’m heartbroken. And I’m really, really sick of having to be.